Friday, December 03, 2010

Note to Self

Someone might find this knotted scarf under the tree from me this year. Of course, that's assuming I can manage to pick up a few more knitting skills like increasing and slipping off purl wise. Both sound so simple but are not proving to be as of yet. Doing my best to keep in mind, "patience, is a virtue".

*Shelia pointed me in the right direction for improving my knitting skill, if you're wanting to do the same, go here.


Anci said...

That's a wonderful gift and I truly believe that the receiver will be very happy !


Anne said...

That will be one fortunate person, indeed! :) BEAUTIFUL!

Thinking of you and wishing you happy holidays!

Jessica said...

I was totally thinking of trying to make this for a friend too! (Ok, or getting my sister who is a much more talented knitter to make it).

I also wanted to ask, how are you doing?

rebecca said...

i would be very happy to receive this! i love it.