Monday, November 30, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Somehow, somewhere, almost all of our teaspoons have disappeared. We realized one night as the table was being set for dinner that our everyday set of utensils was down to only 3 spoons. I suspect the youngest of our bunch. What she's done with them, I don't know.

Now the last time we purchased everyday silverware, it was hard. We were on a tight budget and the options in our price range where few. It took quite a bit of research and some compromise. Now we are on a tighter budget and I don't have the desire to do so much research in this area at this time.

This time around, I'm taking the easy way. We are thrifting spoons. I'm a little excited about it. Today my two eldest girls searched through a box of spoons at a thrift store and came up with 10 beauties for $2 total. They are pleased that we now have fancy spoons along with a spoon from Denny's, a spoon from United Airlines and even one with the initial B which suits one of them well. I am happy that the job is done.

They had so much fun doing it, I think our collection is sure to keep growing.
The Selby via sfgirlbybay


Porchlight Interiors said...

I can't tell you how many times I hunted for teaspoons at our local markets when my kids were really young. I did find a few buried beneath the soil now and then. So glad they have grown out of that one.

Shannon said...

How true! You are not alone. Flatware does seem to grow legs and run away. What a cute post! :-)